Being great teachers and
exemplary role models...


The solution for athletes who want to improve their competitive edge and maintain their highest level of performance

Our Mission

  • Increase your performance levels through superior skill development
  • Develop professionally trained mental skills, knowledge base and competition readiness
  • Build the complete physical and psychological foundation you need to achieve your goals.


Your skills development in your specific sport and position is the first and foremost priority. Bringing your game to the level you need to achieve your goals is what we do best. No one does this better! We are master teachers, not just instructor.


Developing your physical attributes to the level necessary for you to become the kind of athlete you aspire to is critical to your success. We give you the tools by teaching you to train like no other athlete in this sport trains. We don’t just put you through the drills, but teach you to be the best coach you have, no matter what team you play for. As a National Board Certified Teacher with 39 years of teaching and coaching experience, I know how to teach my athletes.


Everyone knows that the psychological factors are huge to being successful. Confidence, mental toughness etc. are significant factors in the athlete’s ability to come through when it matters most. However, only with Feely Athletics do you get a program where the athletes are taught by someone with Doctoral training and renowned expertise in Sports Psychology. Teaching the mental aspects of this sport is an integral part of the training program at Feely Athletics

Feely Kicking School year-round instruction includes:


  • Instruction in kicking and punting
  • Sports psychology of kicking and punting
  • Flexibility Training & Speed
  • Strength and conditioning specific for kickers and punters & longsnappers