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Legendary kicking coach sets up camp in Dover

Posted: Jan 06, 2015 5:54 PM EST

By: Jeff Tewksbury, FOX 13 Sports

DOVER (FOX 13) –

Tom Feely is the patriarch of place-kicking and punting. The kicking guru has coached thousands of young athletes, and dozens have taken his expertise and turned the lessons into college scholarships and procareers

His son, Jay Feely, is the best known of his students. The younger Feely has punted in the NFL for 14 seasons.

The long-time proprietor of the Feely Kicking School, Feely, through Feely Athletics, is now coaching all skill positions and even tutoring other coaches.

The first weekend in January, he brought in 30 coaches from around the country, chosen from the 250 who applied, to instruct Tampa Bay area athletes.

The coaches learned from Coach Tom, and then worked with more than one hundred athletes at the Dover Patriots complex in Dover.

The athletes ranged in age from middle school to high school  The instruction focuses on the football fundamentals.

“I told the coaches to keep their drills to the important fundamentals,” Feely said. “I want these coaches to deliver something that they will be able to take with them and work on. And then maybe they’ll come back.”

The January camp ran over the course of two days and was free to the athletes. This was the first time Coach Feely has been able to run a free camp.

“This gave me the opportunity to do something I have always wanted to do, ” Feely says. “Which is put on a free camp. So that kids that couldn’t otherwise go to camp can come and get some great coaching from some great coaches.”

The plan is for the free camp to become an annual event. For more information on Tom Feely and his camps, visit