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Best Hands? Patrick Peterson vs. Jay Feely

So perhaps you noticed the picture I took last week for a OTA photo gallery of kicker Jay Feely collecting six punted balls without dropping any. Anything to help fellow special teamers, right?
Well, Feely saw the picture and used it to challenge Pro Bowl punt returner Patrick Peterson. Could the return man deluxe haul in seven and top Feely? Peterson decided to give it a go Wednesday after practice, taking “kicks” from the JUGS machine. Five worked. Peterson couldn’t pull in the sixth, leaving Feely bragging rights for now.
“I let Jay Feely beat me,” Peterson said, shaking his head. “I’ve got to come out tomorrow and get six. … Hey, he’s got a lot of time on his hands. I was tired. But hey, it’s all good.”
Feely, who is game to compete whenever wherever against his teammates, remained confident in his ability to beat Peterson in this small sliver of the punt return universe and said he’d be ready to wager his young cohort. Feely also is driven to eventually get seven himself.
“The hard part (to get seven) is running to the spot and kind of stick one between your legs and still be ready to catch the ball coming down,” Feely said.
The battle is a small reminder of how coach Ken Whisenhunt used to finish up the weeks during OTAs, with intrateam competitions like position players trying to kick field goals or linemen catching punts. Those haven’t been part of what the Cards are doing this summer, with the OTAs trimmed. No matter. In this matchup, Feely thinks he has the mental edge in this battle for volume-catching supremacy.
“I’ve been in his head for a long time when it comes to this,” Feely said. “I was giving him a hard time about it.”