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Coaches Clinics


Reaching out to coaches of all levels.


As a coach of going on 40 years, Tom Feely is committed to sharing what his coaching knowledge with interested football coaches of all levels. As a National Board Certified Teacher, his ability to relate and educate other coaching professionals is legendary. His gifts of employing cutting edge sophisticated technologies to deliver a vibrant and effective clinic is only trumped by his truly colorful delivery. You will learn more in one clinic than you ever thought possible.

Additionally, coaches from around the country, coaching all levels of athletes, who have attended Tom’s clinics continue to communicate with Tom to seek his guidance to solve problems they are encountering. Your attendance at one of Tom’s Coaching Clinics opens the door to having at your disposal a valuable resource, only a phone call, or email away. Want to bring a coaching clinic to a city near you? Give us a call and together we will make it happen.