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Video Blaster


The most effective method for getting noticed by colleges is to email your highlight video directly to college coaches.

The first great challenge all parents face is the making of the highlight video. So, lets say you have overcome that obstacle, and you now have a really great highlight video. Now how do you get that video in the hands of 4000 college recruiters? The cost of sending those videos and supporting documents is, well, nothing short of staggering.

I designed Video Blaster because I too faced that same problem with my last 5 sons. Out of the face of desperate necessity, Video Blaster was created to get that video highlight into the hands of the recruiters quickly, and in a manner that would catch their attention.

It’s success has been nothing short of miraculous! It has proved itself, time and time again, to be the most effective way to get your son or daughter’s highlight video seen by those who you need to have see it. You are in complete control of every aspect of your child’s marketing, but without the hassles. It is easy and lightening fast. Withing minutes, college coaches you select will be watching your child’s proof of their skills.


The email will be sent to every Head Football Coach of each of the 5 divisions selected: NCAA 1 (includes FBS), NCAA 2, NCAA 3, NAIA, JUCO. 1 $ 300
2 $ 350
3 $ 400
4 $ 450
5 $ 500


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