Being great teachers and
exemplary role models...

Mission & History

Because being very good is just not good enough! Separation from the pack necessitates going beyond the extra mile. In everything we do and teach, our goal is to strive for perfection.


Feely Athletics

Feely Athletics is the parent company of the Feely Kicking School, Feely Soccer Academy and Coaches Connections. Both the Feely Kicking School and the Feely Soccer Academy will be offering private lessons, Small Group clinics and skill camps in the upcoming months. Whether you are a novice or a professional athlete looking to fine tune your skills, Feely Athletics will help you improve your game.

There are hundreds of soccer camps, kicking camps and personal trainers eager to recruit athletes, yet not many can show you results. The Feely Athletics has a proven track record. With over three decades of coaching experience, Feely Athletics’ owner, Thomas Feely, has spent over twenty years developing and molding star kickers, punters. and long snappers. In addition, Coach Tom Feely has studied sports psychology at Florida State University at the doctoral level.

The Feely Soccer Academy will open its doors for training in June of 2012 and will be led by the accomplished soccer coach, John Feely. Coaches Connections provide valuable services for both coaches and athletes. Using cutting edge resources, Feely Athletics assists their clients become better coaches, and athletes to become well known recruits by coaches at the next level.

Coach Tom Feely is a member of the following organizations:

  • American Football Coaches Association
  • American Football Coaches Foundation
  • Florida Athletic Coaches Association


Mission Statement

Feely Athletics aspires to “Relentlessy Pursue Perfection” in everything we do. I demand this from myself and all my coaches and I expect it from my students, knowing full well that since we are all mere humans none will completely achieve perfection. However in the process of pursung perfection we expect to achieve “Excellence”. Being “Very Good” is just not good enough.