Virtual Lessons

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You can get personalized evaluations, analysis and instruction without leaving home. All you need is a video camera and the ability to upload the video to the internet and send to it to me via a free service. No shipping charges either!

Certainly face to face instruction is the best way to be trained, but sometimes that just is not possible. The next best thing is Virtual Lessons. The camera doesn't lie. Send us your videos of you performing your sport and I will personally prepare and return to you a complete lesson (around 30 minutes in length) analyzing your performance. Using sophisticated technology you will be virtually right there with me as I walk you through your technique flaws; you’ll see yourself like never before! This is the same evaluation you would get in a face to face lesson without the cost and hassle of traveling. Not only are the lessons more economical, but you save $$$ and time by staying home. It's the "Next Best Thing".

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